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Aircraft maintenance training center in Europe for AMTs

The aeronautical sector offers various training courses, and for those interested in aircraft maintenance there is a very interesting professional profile: the AMT, Aircraft Maintenance Technician. If you are considering becoming an AMT or you have already achieved that level but would like to deepen your training, this article will explain how Brok-air ...

Aircraft MRO career outlook: education, duties, salary and job offers

Aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) or simply Aircraft MRO maintenance is a complex task involving work on structures, interiors, systems, and avionics. The elements that make up the aircraft are assembled and disassembled, following a revision procedure that follows national and international regulations taking as a fundamental variable the ...

What is the difference between EASA Part 66 and Part 147

If you are all in about becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Technician, then you are already quite used to understanding regulations. You are diving into a highly regulated sector, and that is why it is essential that you are aware and able to properly identify which standards govern this profession.


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