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Aircraft maintenance training center in Europe for AMTs

Aircraft maintenance training center in Europe - 1The aeronautical sector offers various training courses, and for those interested in aircraft maintenance there is a very interesting professional profile: the AMT, Aircraft Maintenance Technician. If you are considering becoming an AMT or you have already achieved that level but would like to deepen your training, this article will explain how Brok-air Aviation Academy and Brok-air Training Malta, as aircraft maintenance training centers, can help you meet your professional goal

Since its foundation in 2008, the Brok-air Aviation Group has become one of the leading companies in the Spanish aeronautical industry, approved by EASA, TCCA, and ANAC. The company's several services include continuing airworthiness management (CAMO), line maintenance services, and professional training for the aeronautical sector, among others.

As regards professional training, in 2016, Brok-air A.G. acquired CETAC, the aircraft maintenance training center responsible for the official AMT certification in the Canary Islands. As of that moment on, the students completing the courses to become Aircraft Maintenance Technicians started to enjoy greater support in the execution of their practical trainings, given that the company offers all those carrying out their practical training its different locations, thus making it possible to complete this period faster.

At Brok-air Aviation Academy, you can get your AMT License in a shorter period of time, something very positive, specially considering the great employability outlook this profile enjoys within the aeronautical sector.


Basic Training

Aircraft maintenance training center in Europe - 1

If you don't have your AMT licence yet, you can get it at Brok-air Aviation Academy.

Brok-air Aviation Academy is the leading centre in the Canary Islands and in Spain to complete your Basic Training, with more than 23 years of experience and the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Part 147 certification. The courses provided by this aeronautical training centre are specialised in categories B1.1, turbine engines, and they will soon be extended to B2.

This course will give you all the knowledge you need to become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician in the different categories and subcategories established under Part 66.

One of the advantages of Brok-air Aviation Academy is that it has instructors with over thirty years of experience in the aviation industry linked to widely known airlines. The trainers are Aeronautical Engineers and AMTs, and the training contents are a mix between theory and practice, to acquire comprehensive knowledge on the sector.

Completing the Basic Training will allow you to access a labor market with high employability rates, where the chances of finding a job will increase significantly if you complete your Basic Training with courses that you can take online such as Fuel Tank Safety, Human Factors, or Aeronautical technical English courses, among others.

In approximately 24 months you will be able to get your AMT licence.

Check out the conditions and the details on the course: B1.1 turbine engines" here.


Type Training

Aircraft maintenance training center in Europe - 2-1

If you are an AMT with experience and you want to improve your knowledge and opt for positions of greater responsibility, the time has come to take the Type Training.

Free list: "Top 10 aircraft maintenance training centres approved by Easa Part  147 in Europe" >> Download Now


Brok-air Training Malta is the aircraft maintenance training center located in Europe where you can complete the theoretical and practical training to obtain the Type Training that best suits your needs, from courses linked to the A320 family (B1.1 & C) to the Boeing line B737 CL (B1.1) and B737 NG (B1.1). The instructors of this certification are highly qualified and individually accumulate more than 20 years of experience in the aeronautical industry globally.

The syllabus, with both theoretical and practical content, has been structured to provide training especially aimed at the maintenance and repair of specific types of aircraft. Our theoretical training model concentrates on 25 working days for a single engine and 2 more days for an additional engine, where all requirements are covered according to ATA's regulations.

The practical section is developed in a real maintenance environment for each type of aircraft in particular. Brok-air Training Malta offers its students different locations to carry out their practical part of the course, as the Brok-air Technics group that is present in more than 18 European airports.

The duration of this course is 150/170 hours and can be taken either at the Brok-air Training facilities in Malta or Tenerife, or at the facilities of the applicant company or client.

Find out more information about our the Type Training courses available here.

Whether you have not yet obtained your AMT licence, or you are an AMT with experience in the sector, at our European aeronautical training centre we can help you achieve your next professional goal.


If you would like more information about Type Training, please contact our staff here. And if you are an active AMT and you are already thinking about doing Type Training in some European aircraft maintenance training center, take this quick test and check in less than 5 minutes if it's time to step up.

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